Whether you’re looking to spice up your marriage or you’re just curious what you should have on your date night checklist (ever thought about trying out some fun sex toys in India?), you’ll find some helpful tips and advice below. Using the right tools and techniques can be the difference between a tame night out and a romp around the local pub. A little planning and elbow grease can go a long way in making your marriage flourish.

Be Organized

There’s no getting around it, you’ll have to put in the work. The best way to go about this is to plan out your night with a pre-dinner checklist, and then have your partner take notes. If you’ve been in a relationship for any length of time, you’ll have a tendency to get complacent. You have to make an effort to avoid the dreaded tiff between you and your partner. This can be a lot easier than you might think, and a little brainstorming can go a long way.

Try new things

When habits and routines become the norm, relationships become boring. Therefore, do something new to see your spouse and your partnership in a fresh way. Anything “new” (big or small) will make you feel the same way you did when you were falling in love with your partner and experiencing everything for the first time, whether it’s planning a trip to a destination neither of you have been to, playing a card game when you’re more of a “Scrabble” couple, trying something new in bed like some masturbation toys, or even ordering takeout that’s different from your usual go-to.

Cook together

Depending on who is busier that day, one of you is likely the relationship’s “chef” while the other does the dishes. But try cooking with your partner this weekend. In addition to being a fun new activity to attempt with your partner, it will also give you a chance to work together as a team. Making anything, even something as simple as soup, will make you feel even more a part of the group. While you grill, assign your significant other to the task of cutting. Alternatively, prepare something unusual, like handmade noodles, and laugh as you go.

Communication is key

When was the last time you engaged in a thorough discussion? With all the 24/7 togetherness, you could actually be communicating less because you don’t even have the typical go-to conversation openers like “how was your day?” (because you know how their day was because you were there!) Communication is a critical component in keeping the flame alive. This weekend, ask questions like “How are you truly feeling?” or “What can I do tomorrow to make our relationship better?” after dinner or a relaxed happy hour on the sofa. Additionally, consider posing questions with a lot of mileage, even if they come across as corny like “hey, why don’t we experiment with some fleshlight india in the bedroom?”. This is sure to catch your partner’s interest.


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