Launch a Successful Pre-roll

Launching a pre-roll business in the current overwhelmingly crowded cannabis market is not an easy task. With the exponential popularity of cannabis products among the masses, we see the launch of new pre-roll brands every other day. However, only a few can make a successful launch and get themselves recognized among the target consumer base.

A successful pre-roll business launch requires an understanding of the current cannabis market situation, a comprehensive business model, and, last but not least, a dedicated team of employees in every department.

Along with all these elements, we have enlisted a few tips to help you launch a pre-roll business successfully and have a strong foundation without pitfalls.

Have a Focussed Business Plan

Comprehensive business planning is essential to start any business, especially when pitching your business in front of potential investors. It is preferable to go through all the necessary questions and answers related to your business plan to introduce your business strategies properly.

However, many entrepreneurs invest too much time and effort in stacking up files of a business plan. Using months or years to research and compile a business plan is unnecessary.

Nowadays, things move at a fast pace. And you will certainly need to tweak your plan along the way, especially per the investor’s requirements and in light of the changing market trends. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to invest yourself in making a thorough business plan, but we advise you to keep room for unavoidable changes.

Optimization of Landing Page for Lead Generation

The pre-roll market is buzzing all over the internet. Online marketing channels have opened the floodgates of cannabis products for modern cannabis consumers. Almost all cannabis brands, whether experienced or newbies, have introduced their cannabis products via their official websites.

An optimized website and landing page is a guaranteed method of luring potential customers toward your business. Hence, we advise you to design and optimize the website and landing page for the lead generation before the launch of your pre-roll business.

There are several advantages of having an active landing page. Some of these advantages are;

  • If you are offering pre-order service, then the landing page is the best place to explain “how-to” guidelines to do so
  • Write detailed information about the pre-rolls that is impossible to convey via advertisement
  • Display the influencers’ posts, social proofs, and reviews to explain the potency, efficiency, and efficacy of the pre-rolls
  • You can track what marketing channels are bringing incoming visitors to your website

Engage With Relevant Influencers 

Cannabis popularity is rising with each passing day, hence the customers’ demand for purchasing premium pre-rolls. The modern pre-roll consumer has a wide selection of pre-roll brands to choose from, and social media is its main medium to do so. Hence, working with social media influencers to create hype about the product among their followers is wise.

Social media influencers can have a huge impact on your sales. People trust these influencers, and more than 70% of consumers make buying decisions based on social media content. The right influencer depends on your budget and your target audience. It is preferable to expand your media strategy.

For this purpose, in addition to hiring social media influencers, work with people having popular blogs, running podcasts, or having message boards. The wider your media circle will be, the more people will learn about your pre-roll brand.

Generate a Buzz Through Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become the primary mode of advertisement for businesses. Even established brands are using the power of social media to attract a young customer base. Use your business’s social media pages to create hype about what’s coming. Entice them by using the following tricks;

  • Build curiosity among your target audience by publishing short video teasers. Be mindful of not giving too much away through these short clips.
  • Share some updates on the pre-roll product. For instance, how high a consumer can get; will it give you a body high or a head high, etc.
  • Reveal some enticing and eye-catchy pictures of the custom pre roll boxes and other packaging items to lure customers towards your products’ aesthetics.
  • Post polls and quizzes about the highlighting features of the pre-rolls.
  • Share social media influencers’ first-hand experience with the pre-rolls, potency, and packaging.
  • Attract your target audience by presenting some deals and discounts. You can also offer giveaways and prizes for spreading the word about the launch on social media.

Test Everything Before Final Launch

Whether we are talking about the product’s efficacy, the quality of the product packaging, or the accurate running of the official website and social media pages, it is crucial to test everything from top to bottom before the launch.

Test whether the quality of the pre-rolls is up to the mark and whether they are packaged perfectly. Similarly, test the website and check if the user can easily roam around on the interface. Moreover, don’t forget to test the checkout pages, ease of placing orders, and fund transaction facilities.

Set a Launch Date

After compiling the complete business plan and marketing strategy, now is the time to set a tentative launch date. This launch date will help you target and streamline your and your team’s efforts toward a set goal. Ideally, the launch date should be of at least 60 days.

Summing Up

The cannabis market is progressing exponentially, and the influx of new brands is growing simultaneously. Launching a pre-roll business in this competitive environment can be challenging.

However, with the right team, a streamlined approach, and an eye on the current market trends, you can build a strong foundation to rise to the top. The inclusion of the tips mentioned above in your business plan can help you get a great start. These tips will help you attract your target audience and make a mark in the overcrowded cannabis industry. Best of luck!