Queer hackers Maia Arson Crimew continues to be the talk of the town after she leaked an alleged version from the American TSA’s No Fly List earlier this week. Learn more about the story of Maia Arson Crimew after leaking sensitive terrorist data , and also if her blog is still alive or not.To give an overview To give context, for context, the No Fly List is a tiny subset of U.S. government Terrorist Screen Database that includes the identity information of suspected and known terrorists. It’s similar to that of the security agency’s (Transportation Security Administration) terrorist watchlist.

Who is Maia Arson Crimew?

Maia Arson Crimew, born Tillie Kottman is an Swiss computer hacker and developer belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. She began working in the field of technology when she was an teen and was the creator of Lawnchair Launcher the most well-known Android Launcher for apps.

Crimew is most well-known for leaks of sources of code and other important information from companies such as Intel as well as Nissan. Recently, she also discovered a copy of the 2019 edition of the U.S No Fly List on an unsecure server. She was also member of a group that hacks into Verkada in the month of March 2021.Crimew is well-known as a monicker on the internet, deletelscape as well as anti-proprietary. Her birth date was the 7th of August, 1999 within the Bruche district in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Was Maia Arson’s Crimew get up to?

Maia Arson Crimew released a fake copy of the 2019 version American TSA’s no Fly List on Thursday, 19 January 2023. The sensitive information was leaked by the blogger that reveals the identities of terrorists via her website “maia.crimew.gay” in a nonchalant manner.

The leak generated widespread coverage of news and then began being discussed on various social platforms. It also sparked an array of memes and online debates, mostly via Twitter as well as TikTok.The incident was first discovered the first time by Daily Dot journalists Mikael Thalen and David Covucci and was published in an exclusive report entitled “U.S. airline accidentally exposes “No Fly List insecure server.” They cited Maia Arson Crimew’s identity for revealing the information.

The leaked list contains identification information as well as key data which includes 1.5 millions names as well as aliases of individuals who are banned from air travel because of suspicions or known links to terrorist groups.

What Happened to Maia Arson Crimew After Leaking TSA’s No Fly List?

After leaked information about the sensitive No Fly List data on her blog, Maia Arson Crimew has been slammed online via social media sites. Many internet users are sharing her image, titled “Holy Fucking Bingle” and the backlash being reaffirmed by Twitter users who are lesbians about Crimew’s identity as an “bi lesbian.”The police and authorities haven’t taken actions towards the Swiss hacker as of yet. Yet, Crimew was previously indicted by an indictment by a grand jury within the U.S. on criminal charges connected to her hacking activities between the years of 2019 and 2021 in March of this year.

There are a good chance she’ll be questioned by the government for hacking into servers and leaks of sensitive data publically.

Is Maia Arson Crimew’s Blog Still Alive or Dead?

Maia Arson Crimew’s website “maia.crimew.gay” is still alive and you are able to visit it now. The homepage of the site reads:

“hello I’m Maia Arson Crimew (it/she) and i’m gay generally for girls and i’m also a tiny kitten .

I’m familiar with a lot of information about cybersecurity as well as programming, and very little about music. I still attempt to do all three things at the same time. If you enjoy what I do on this site and on other social platforms,, you can help me out on Ko-fi. The links to all the things I do are within the footer. If you’re seeking more detailed information about me, there’s Wikipedia for that.”The good news is that most of the personal information from the TSA’s No Fly List has been removed from the website. The actress is still participant in a myriad of discussions and memes online, however.


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