Dennis Campion, the beloved Janesville, Wisconsin man and dedicated Basketball coach passed away the night of 25 January 2023. Dennis was renowned for his capability to impart values like perseverance and teamwork into the students he instructed. Read on to find out more about this piece of writing.

Who was Dennis Campion?

The 1950 birthplace of Dennis Campion was Janesville, Wisconsin to George and Millie Campion, Dennis was enthusiastic about basketball at an early age. He led the Janesville High School team to an unbeaten season in 1968 prior to being selected into the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks later that year. After three years of professionally, Dennis came back to follow his passion of coaching and teaching the sport that he loved.
For the past thirty years Dennis has coached boys as well as girls’ teams in Janesville Middle School and Milton High School. He taught them teamwork, and instilling a passion for football that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. He was also the head coach of the girls’ team from 1995-96 of Milton High School, which was able to make it to the national championship that year. It was a an omen of his abilities as an instructor!

How did Dennis Campion die? What caused his death?

Dennis Campion, a Janesville, Wisconsin resident and beloved father, died by a heart attack the night of 25 January 2023. The precise reason for the heart attack remains to be determined. This information was released by family members who praised Campion’s commitment for peace, and unvarying devotion to his role as a father of the highest caliber. It appears that, despite his early death his name will always be within our memories as a person who left an irresistible impression on the world.

Dennis was also a huge fan of baseball, who enjoyed many days of playing games or watching relatives and close friends. Alongside his love for sports, he also had an obsession with reading about philosophy and history that were shared with his kids all throughout the course of their lives. He will be missed by all those who knew him.

Dennis Campion Obituary

It is evident it is evident that Dennis Campion left behind a legacy of friendship, love and sportsmanship. He was an incredible father figure who showed numerous youngsters to be a basketball player “the correct way” while instilling values in them like perseverance and teamwork in the face of adversity. We are eternally thankful for everything the man did throughout his lifetime and is remembered with fondness by all who touched his life . We hope that you will join us in celebrating this amazing man’s legacy by donating the local sports organization in his honor! Rest in peace, Mr. Campion!

Tributes Pour To Dennis Campion Death

Dawn Krause Radke
I’m just screaming and I know that I’m not all alone! My heart breaks in love with Lisa, Jack, Abbie, Kylie, Halie, sweet Gma Helen, and the whole Campion family. I can’t believe it’s true. Dennis Campion- MR. MILTON was one of the most incredible people who selflessly contributed to and helped this community with everything he could. Dennis was a natural to make people around him feel comfortable. Positive, encouraging and humble. He made us all more effective! What a profound impact he had on us during his brief time in this world. I am thankful to have had the privilege of knowing Dennis. I will always be more successful because of him.

Mary Conklin
RIP Dennis Campion
(This was Dennis’ HS Homecoming Crown that JJ received for this season to put on. This is all I can say about it. The man was King, an ardent supporter not just of his own athletes but of the entire community too.)

Bruce Penny
Camp’s Champs took home the basketball tournament in 4th grade along with Edgerton as well as Janesville Schools on March 10. 1984. R.I.P. Dennis Campion

Tara Czerwinski
We’re fortunate to have met an individual who left an impression of treating every person as one of them. He showed kindness, believed in the hard work of others and loved his family so much. The community we live in lost one of the top! Let’s do our best to emulate Camp in how we treat each other!


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