The world lost a fantastic trailblazer and inspiration on January 21, 2023. Simon Dunn, an openly gay man who represented any country in bobsledding, was born in Wollongong in Australia. He was not only a successful athlete but also advocated for social causes, including those affecting the LGBTQI community and homophobia in sports. Continue reading for more information.

Who was Simon Dunn,

Simon Dunn, an Australian bobsledder/rugby player, was born on July 27, 1987. Born in Wollongong (Australia) and raised there. Simon started his rugby career before moving to bobsled. Simon participated in many international competitions, including Team Australia’s 2013 North American Cup. After he retired from the Australian Bobsleigh Team, Dunn started to pay more attention to social causes that were close to his heart. These included HIV/AIDS awareness and homophobia in sports.

His Advocacy work

Due to his advocacy work, Dunn quickly gained a strong social media following and was soon featured in BuzzFeed’s online magazine. Dunn was featured in Attitude magazine’s Naked Issue, which focused its entire issue on promoting acceptance of LGBTQI people from different communities. He started a YouTube channel in July 2015 where he spoke about topics such as sportsmanship and sexuality, HIV/AIDS awareness, bigotry within sports, and other issues. Many people have praised him as an outstanding role model and shared his inspiring words with others worldwide.

How did Simon Dunn die? What was the cause of his death?

Simon Dunn was a respected bobsleigh player who also advocated for freedom. It was meant to be a weekend celebrating his achievements in bobsleigh, but it quickly turned into one of shock when news broke that he had been found dead at Surry Hills, Sydney, on Saturday. His agent and police confirmed his death immediately, but unfortunately, the cause has not been revealed. We have Simon’s legacy that we can remember and keep close, to despite this sad news. He showed us the power of conviction in championing what we believe in. Simon was also courageous in his opposition to homophobia in sports.

Simon Dunn Obituary

Dunn’s spirit is alive today thanks to all who cherish his memory and continue his legacy of making a difference through education and advocacy. All who had the pleasure of knowing Dunn personally or read his inspiring words online will remember him for his passion for making a difference. We are grateful for all he did and will continue to work hard to foster acceptance in different communities around the globe, just as he did during his life. Rest In Peace, Simon! Your presence will be deeply missed


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