Lobby Signs Ideas
Lobby Signs Ideas

The lobby or reception area is often what customers and visitors first see when they come to your business. It’s a crucial space as this determines the kind of first impression you give to customers. The right lobby design can have a significant effect on building customer relationships. For this reason, it’s important to have lobby signs that make an impact.

These signs not only decorate your lobby or reception space. They also make your office space look more professional and welcoming. Office lobby signs provide a multitude of opportunities that can benefit your business. For instance, a FedEx study on signage found that nearly 75% of customers told others about a business just because of their signs. Impressive searches therefore can potentially increase your market reach.

Choosing The Right Indoor Reception Signs

Choosing the right signs for your business can be daunting. There is a lot to consider, including:

  • The type of sign
  • Size
  • Materials
  • Placement
  • Overall design

Adding office signs for wall spaces and more can also alter the look of your interiors. Therefore, it must be designed to go seamlessly with your overall office aesthetic.

At Sunrise Signs, we can customize any type of sign specific to your signage and design needs. We offer a wide array of sign and design options for you to choose from. We do our due diligence to ensure the signs we produce not only match your brand but also your office space.

Great Ideas for Office Lobby Signs

Lobby and reception signs typically display your business name and logo. However, they aren’t just limited to that function. Here are some ideas to consider when you want signage that improves your office space.

  1. Branded office signs for wall spaces.

One of the ways you can make these signs more than a display of your business name and logo is to utilize the entire wall area. For instance, you can add wall graphics or murals. This lets you change the color or design of the wall you’re mounting the sign to.

It’s a great way to create contrast, which is crucial for creating more visible, eye-catching signs.

  1. Illuminated lobby signs.

There’s no denying that illuminated signs are better for grabbing attention. According to a survey, 64% of customers are more drawn to lighted signs. This doesn’t only draw attention to your brand. It also makes your office space brighter and more vibrant.

At Sunrise Signs, we offer LED light options for more long-lasting, energy-efficient signage. We can add LEDs to dimensional letters, acrylic signs, and more.

  1. Hanging indoor reception signs.

Lobby or reception signs are typically mounted on the wall. Suspending your sign from the ceiling makes your sign pop, creating a unique and memorable design.

This is great for lobbies that have a reception desk. Hanging signs can be added just above the desk area, leaving you with a wall space you can utilize for other things.

  1. Winning material combinations.

Did you know that you can create lobby and reception signs with more than one material? Create winning combinations that make your sign more eye-catching. For instance, using brushed aluminum and wood results in a sign that looks rustic and modern. 

Improve Your Office with Creative Lobby Signs Today

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We are a full-service sign company you can partner with for all your signage needs. Our signs are made with premium materials that ensure you get vibrant, long-lasting signs.

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