There’s nothing more refreshing than moving your career in the right direction. And with just one major decision, you could make a difference in your organization with the MD-100 Training Course : Fundamentals certification.

But the burning questions remain. Like, what is this certification all about? Who is it meant for? And how can you prepare for the exam? Not to worry we will clear out lot of doubts further and its just like any other certification like power bi certification

Let’s discover it all in the next paragraphs.

Brief Overview of the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals Certification and Exam

Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals is designed to cover the basics of Microsoft 365 capabilities. With that you can take power bi certification to increase your skill set. It outlines your desire to adopt cloud services for your organization while at the same time demonstrating a strong understanding of the basic features of the SaaS cloud model. It is one of the best options available for anyone looking to take the leap in their career and shape a solid basis to become a cloud professional in future. 

Passing the AZ-303 Training Course exam is the best way to prove your solid understanding of the Microsoft 365 fundamentals, which include basic cloud concepts, security, privacy, Microsoft 365 support and pricing. All the skills will be tested in 40-60 exam questions which you need to crack within 45 minutes and score at least 700 points (out of 1000). And, yes, be ready to pay an exam fee, which is now $99. 

Being a successful exam-taker means that you can find a position of an administrator or a business user, so it’s a great possibility to launch your career in IT.

Getting Ready for the Test: Which Options to Consider

Obviously, the first place to find the best study materials for the AZ-304 Training Course is the Microsoft website. Usually, this vendor provides up to three training options to help candidates prepare for this exam, including the following;

  1. Online Training

This is a collection of free learning paths which focus on the four key areas that you should master to pass the MS-900 exam. Each learning path comprises several modules, and in general, items focused on Microsoft 365 Productivity and Teamwork, Microsoft 365 Business Management Capabilities, Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Capabilities, and Microsoft 365 Licensing, Service, and Support are presented here. 

  1. Instructor-Led Training Course

On the other hand, the instructor-led option is a paid training course, addressing the fundamental concepts you need to learn to pass the AZ-500 Training Course . The course should be taken by IT professionals and business decision-makers tasked with deploying cloud services in their organizations or getting strong foundational knowledge on cloud fundamentals. That also means familiarity with the SaaS cloud model and Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings which will be a huge advantage.

  1. Practice Tests

The last strategy you can adopt to help you crack the MS-900 exam is practicing. While every exam has unique requirements in the form of testable objectives, effective practicing gives you the shortest route to guaranteed success, no matter what level of experience you have. 

And the Microsoft official website is the first place to find the actual sample practice questions (free) and the official practice test (paid) built on the basis of the actual exam format. Using this study material, you will find in-depth coverage of the tested objectives, giving you an upper hand when the testing day finally arrives.

Of course, you can also check reliable third-party platforms, such as Exam-Labs, ExamSnap and AZ-900 Training Course to find excellent study materials in the form of practice test questions with answers, along with video courses, and tips to consider before taking the actual exam. 

Final Thoughts 

Having the Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals certificate is one of the easiest ways to advance your career. And all you need to do is to pass the relevant exam, MS-900. For that, use the training options offered by the vendor and reliable third-party website, fill in your knowledge gaps, study diligently, and get a passing score. Don’t wait, take the leap in your career!


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