Motorcycling is not just something you do in order to get from one place to another. It´s a lifestyle. But as riding a motorcycle can be really dangerous, it’s important to protect yourself. Motorcycle protective gear is crucial. It improves your riding experience shielding you from the cold airflow and it can save your life. That’s why you should not go riding without a helmet, sturdy boots and motorcycle gloves on. But purchasing motorcycle gloves can become a real challenge, as there are so many different types out there.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

In order to figure out which type of glove is the best one for you, you need to know what types of motorcycle gloves there are. In the following sections, you will find a brief overview about types of gloves, their purpose and what to consider before making your purchasing decision.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves give you a lot of freedom – for example when you stop to put navigations into your phone. Even though it´s better to wear fingerless gloves than no gloves at all, they obviously don’t give you a lot of protection. That’s why you should only use them for riding slow scooters or small mopeds. Not enough budget? Purchase a moped with a loan. Riding without gloves is never a good idea, as their texture improves the grip between you hands and the handlebar.

Dirt Gloves

Dirt gloves are made for off-road disciplines like motocross. As your hands are a major point of contact between yourself and your motorbike, it’s essential to protect them well while keeping up their mobility. Dirt gloves normally have a strong grip to make it easier for you to hold on to the handlebar, no matter how rocky the road may be. When off-road motorcycling, you should be prepared to get dirty and to withstand tough conditions. Good dirt gloves will support you and help you stay safe.

Short Cuff Gloves

Short cuff gloves are meant for everyday riding and your number one choice if you ride on the road – for example when commuting. Thanks to their short cuff, they slide on and off easily, which makes them a practical companion in everyday life. But the short cuff has downsides, too: If you´re riding in cold weather, the cold airflow can get between your gloves and your jacket. Of course, there are short cuff gloves for cold weather, but the gap between the jacket and the gloves remains a weak point.

Short cuff summer gloves are made of lighter material to keep you from sweating underneath them. It’s smart to get a designated pair of summer gloves, as wearing winter gloves in hot weather can cause you to heat up and therefore decide to take your gloves off – not a good decision.

Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves offer you a lot of protection, particularly around your wrists, where other types of gloves don’t. This type of glove is a good decision, if you have a rather aggressive riding style, love to spend some time at the track or go on challenging roads. There are gauntlet gloves for the summer and gauntlet gloves for the winter. If you´re looking for a more comfortable alternative, touring gloves or ADV gloves might be the perfect fit for you.

Race Gloves

Racing is really challenging, as you and body are exposed to high speeds and strong airflow. A crash could be fatal. Racing gloves offer you a plus of protection and grip. That way, you always have a good grip on the handlebar. At the same time, motorcycle gloves for racing allow your fingers to move easily enough. That’s crucial, because you need to be able to apply the brakes at any given time during your ride to avoid accidents.

When buying motorcycle gloves, make sure to ask yourself what type of motorcyclist you are: What kind of riding style do you prefer? Are you a fair-weather rider or don’t bad weather conditions hold you back?


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