Moving Out of the Marital House in Milwaukee:What You Should Consider Before Making a Decision

A divorce is a tough process to go through, especially if children are involved. After the breakdown of your marriage, living with your spouse may be uncomfortable and even impossible. So, you may think about moving out and starting a life without this person. However, you need to understand how this may impact your divorce, rights, and financial situation.  A divorce lawyer near me can help you understand how state law applies in such situations, so you can take steps to protect yourself and get through the legal process with as few issues as possible. 

Should Either Spouse Move Out During Divorce?

During a divorce in Milwaukee, both spouses can continue to live in the same house. Since they both own the house, they have the right to keep possession of it. Although one of you may think the other should leave, the court won’t force them to do so, unless safety issues arise that require such kinds of arrangements. This is possible when one spouse is accused of domestic abuse or violence. In this case, the allegedly abused spouse can seek a protection order from a family court. Under this order, the accused cannot enter the house and must look for other living arrangements. 

Financial Considerations to Keep in Mind

If you want to move out of your marital house during your divorce, you must think about how this could impact you financially. As you are your home’s co-owner, you may be required to contribute to your household’s ongoing expenses including mortgage or rent payments and utilities. You may not be able to cover kinds of expenses as you try to pay for the costs associated with your new place. Additionally, leaving your marital house may mean you don’t want to retain possession of it or the items it contains like household furniture. Thus, your decision to move out of the marital house can impact your decisions regarding how your marital property can be divided. 

Addressing Child Custody

If children are involved in your divorce, you must understand how your decision to leave the house can impact decisions about child custody. Because of a sudden change in your living arrangements, the lives of your children can be disrupted, this may impact your relationship with them. Thus, it’s best to make arrangements regarding when you can see the kids or spend time with them before you move out of the marital home. 


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