For those who want something edgy and versatile in their engagement ring, there is nothing more neutral and unique than a black diamond! Yes, a black diamond! That is what we love to call the black onyx gemstone that entices both men’s and women’s rings in an elegant way. 

This mythological gemstone has been used throughout history to embellish jewelry items and accessories. To find out about its use in the engagement rings, special care, and treatments, check out the details below. We have mentioned a complete guide to help you get a durable, affordable, and unique onyx ring. 

What is Onyx?

The semiprecious gemstone, Onyx is a sub-variety of the layered mineral chalcedony. It is characterized by straight bands running parallel to each other. It is mostly found in black color but green and reddish-brown varieties, commonly known as sardonyx, are also available. 

The Symbolism of Onyx

Onyx is considered to be the birthstone of Leos. It is believed, it helps people to become the master of their destinies. Onyx is known as the stone of love, confidence, protection, and intellect. Most people wear it to protect themselves from evil and negative energy.


Onyx is similar in chemistry to agate except that agate has curved bands. Their specifications are:

  • Color: Black (primarily), brown, red, white, grayish blue, green (Black and White onyx are most common. The other varieties are produced by dyeing agate)
  • Luster: waxy or silky, Vitreous (glass-like) when polished
  • Transparency: translucent or opaque
  • Refractive index: 1.54-1.66
  • Density: 2.65-2.91
  • Durability = Very Good
  • Hardness = 6.5-7.0
  • Specific Gravity = 2.65 – 2.667

Onyx Engagement Rings

For those couples who have a more conventional and modern taste, onyx is the best choice to replace classic diamond engagement rings. It is a relatively softer gemstone and has excellent durability. Onyx engagement rings are not only beautiful but highly affordable. These rings give an ethereal vintage look when the stone is placed in a rose or yellow gold setting. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a black diamond! 

You can also opt for a red, blue, or green onyx ring for your loved one. Pair these gemstones with metals and diamonds to add a more modern and trendier look to your engagement ring. One reason that onyx stands out as a top choice among other gemstones is its popularity in males. Onyx looks perfect in studs, rings for men, cufflinks, and other accessories.

Best Metals, Settings, and Cuts for Onyx Rings

For onyx rings, metals like yellow or rose gold, sterling silver, palladium, or platinum are best. White gold is not recommended for setting onyx gemstone. It is because white gold needs rhodium plate treatments to maintain its white shine.  Such treatments are not suited for gemstones. 

The preferred setting for onyx in a ring is the bezel setting. It greatly reduces the chance of the cracking or chipping of stone during everyday wear.

The best thing about onyx is that it looks fabulous in any cut including round, oval, pear, emerald, square, or marquise. It is all about your preference. However, the most popular cuts for our mythological stone are the emerald and the cushion cut.

Pros of Onyx Rings

Onyx is a great alternative to diamond. You can wear onyx rings with any color and style of your dress. All thanks to its neutral hue! Moreover, it is way more affordable than diamonds. 

Cons of Onyx Rings

Onyx rings are not for you if you want a colorful, bright, and glittering stone for your engagement ring. Due to its softness, onyx creates more potential for damage to your engagement ring. You would need to be more careful if you want to use it for everyday wear.

Care for Onyx Rings

Natural onyx and agate black onyx does not require special care. You can clean them by washing them with soap and water. After cleaning, dry the ring thoroughly. You can just wrap the rings in velvet or cotton to avoid scratches. Avoid treating the onyx rings with ultrasonic or chemical agents. 

Onyx Ring Price Guide

Onyx is highly valuable but relatively inexpensive. Black onyx is more expensive than the other colors. The implications of the design of your ring decide its price ultimately. 

Which Gemstones Work with Onyx in Rings?

Due to its neutral hue, pretty much all gemstones work with this black magic! In fact, you can adorn your ring with multiple colors of onyx, sapphire, or diamonds. 

How to tell if it’s a real Onyx?

Heat the onyx for a few seconds and then place it in water. The Real onyx stone will remain intact while the fake one will meltdown. You can also check its surface. Real onyx has a smooth and shiny surface with no cracks, and it glitters under bright light. 

Final Thoughts 

Onyx stone with an elegant setting is a package of elegance, spirituality, and healing benefits, at affordable prices. While purchasing it, especially online, check out a number of different retailers and always seek a trustworthy source. We hope our guide helps you to get the perfect engagement ring for your special one!


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