What is a snake bubbler?

Snake bubbler is the multi-colored bong used to cool scorching smoke vapors. So, it is the best device for promoting filtration. This one has unique features and Sherlock style that add to the beauty of this bong. Moreover, the blue-green multi-colored bong with the scales over them offers the best display. This snake-style glass bubbler has a percolator at the bottom for performing filtration.

When it comes to the structure and design of this bubbler then, the snake shape top neck and the down percolator bottom sit at 6 inches. So, there is a hidden purpose in promoting this design and making the neck snake-shaped. Thus, the purpose is to avoid splashing backwater towards your mouth. The mouthpiece that is attached to the neck lies away from the heat source and promotes smoother smoke hits.

Novel features of snake bubbler

So, the snake bubbler is made in such a way that it serves the aim of enhancing the filtration rate. Moreover, it is a novel product for late-night parties and gatherings. These multi-colored bubblers transform their colors when expose to light. Hence, it seems fancy and interesting for use in the night sessions.

Thick borosilicate glass

The snake glass bubbler is quite different from the ordinary glass bubbler. Many features are missing in the ordinary bubblers that are present in this new one. So, this snake bong is made with thick and tough borosilicate glass. Thus, this borosilicate glass has great thermal-resistant properties. This bubbler stands at greater heat and performs filtration for offering cooler shots.

Luminous display

Have you ever tried the fancy gas mask? These are the novel smoke items that serve functional purposes as well. So, these snake bubblers contain multiple colors with scales over the serves to add beauty. Thus, when this bubbler gets exposed to light then, it shows the variant color and this creates a beautiful luminous display. This seems appealing for use and brag while partying with your friends.

Safe lighting position

So, for safe lighting position and to avoid lips from scorching heat the snake bubbler is designed with a bent neck. Thus, this neck is attached to the mouthpiece that goes away from the heating source. This structure of the bubbler helps in promoting the separation of cooler vapors after going through the water chamber. Moreover, the bubbler avoids spitting backwater while dabbing and enables a smooth vape experience.

No burnt smoke

Here is a major function that a glass bubbler performs. These are designed so that you cannot get hot vapors directly from the bowl. If this happens, then, you’ll burn your lips and you can encounter an undesirable experience therefore, to avoid such issues, these bubblers were launched that serve the goal of allowing filtration. In this way, you can get the lighter and smoother sesh that’ll offer an epic taste.


This is the feature you all might be waiting to explore and who doesn’t want pocket-friendly products, right? So, let me tell you that these innovatively styled bubblers are available at very affordable prices. Thus, you will find the budget-friendly and convenient for use. There are a few accessories you can get and these accessories will facilitate smoke dabbing.

How does snake bubbler work?

The snake glass bubbler works similar to the ordinary bongs but offers efficiency in results. The beautiful smoke bong has a curved neck attack with a down percolator for filtration. So, the mouthpiece is attached to the neck and avoids spitting back.

Thus, when vapors travel through the bong the water circulating down the stream makes these vapors cool. The chilled vapors turn their path towards the mouthpiece. Hence, the bent neck will avoid splashing back of water towards your mouth while dabbing.

In this way, you will expose to smoke clouds free from burning smoke particles that can ruin the whole session. The smoke bubbler also helps in separating impure smoke strains from the pure nectar to allow the best-flavored sesh.

Instructions to clean snake bubbler

So, if this snake bubbler is made with borosilicate glass you need careful handling. Thus, glass is more sensitive than other materials and this is why; you have to be very conscious while cleaning them. You can use salt and hot water solution.

Additionally, there are many isopropyl alcohol solutions available to make your bongs clean. Now there are various glass bongs cleaners available that help in fast cleaning and you’ll find your bongs shiny like new after rinsing with them.

Are the snake bubblers worth buying?

Yes, you will find them useful and functional in many ways. There was a time when large percolators and bubblers were used for vaping purposes. Now, the portable ones are coming in small sizes and facilitate on-the-go shots. So, keeping in mind convenience and better performance this snake-styled bubbler will be preferable.

People often ask

Is the snake bubbler expensive?

No, you will find this one economical to buy. There are several reasons that this is a good option to choose. So, the first thing is that this one shows 100% precise results. The next thing is you will get them at affordable rates. These are durable for use and don’t run out easily.

Which material is used to design the snake bubbler?

Borosilicate glass is used to manufacture these robust snake bubblers. This borosilicate glass has many beneficial properties. Furthermore, it is the best heat-resistant material. There are many other silicone, ceramic bongs available but the borosilicate bong is the most durable one for use.

Final Review

On the whole, the snake bubbler is the best device for dabbing smoother hits and provides chiller smoke vapes. These smoke devices are developed to enhance the quality of smoke and this is why; expert smokers prefer using these curved neck bongs. You will find this product economical for use and easily accessible.