There are many Greek islands to choose from. If you are planning a holiday to Greece, you should know that the largest and best-known ones are the Dodecanese. The Dodecanese is a chain of islands that includes the island of Kefalonia, the third-largest island in Greece. Folegandros, the second-largest, is an island popular among Brits.

Astypalaia is a Greek island in the Dodecanese chain

Located in the Dodecanese chain, Astypalaia is a butterfly-shaped block of brown paper hills. The island is far away from major hubs, so it has few tourist attractions. But if you’re looking for something a bit different from your usual holiday destination, then Astypalaia may be for you. The island is home to ancient windmills, a Game of Thrones-style citadel, a haunting monastery and a fascinating archaeological museum.

The Greek island chain is made up of 14 smaller islands that have a shared history. While they are not powerful enough to rule themselves, the islands have fought and struggled against various civilizations and rulers throughout history. During the second world war, the Dodecanese fought against German and British forces, and only after that did they join the modern Greek state. Before the Dodecanese were a part of Greece, they were ruled by the Ottomans, Crusaders and Italians.

The Dodecanese is home to a number of islands, including Rhodes and Kos. The islands are separated by small rocky islands. Some of them are well-known, and others are less well-known. One of the smallest ones is Astyp, which is 70NM from Rhodes. The island has seen a spike in tourism in recent years, thanks to the award-winning 1991 movie Mediterraneo.

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Kefalonia is the third-largest island in Greece

Kefalonia is located in the Ionian Sea and is home to monuments from the British Protectorate period. Its Corgialenios Historical and Cultural Museum is one of the best in Greece and has an extensive library. Its capital is Kefalonia Town, which is the largest settlement in Greece. The island is topped by Mt Enos, the highest peak in the Ionian. The black pine on the peak is responsible for the island’s name, while it also hosts a special breed of pony.

Known for its wittiness, Kefalonia is an easy island to get around on. Unless you’re a car or a hiker, you’ll be better off renting a car to see as much of the island as you can. Kefalonia’s climate is temperate and calm. The best time to visit Kefalonia is from May to October. Winters are mild here and there’s a chance for you to swim in the sea. The island’s busiest times are July and August.

Lesbos is the second-largest island in Greece

The ancient Greeks have a long tradition of naming their islands after their famous poets. The island of Lesbos is home to poets such as Sappho and Alcaeus. Aristotle was a great admirer of the island and attributed his name to him, “for his god-like manner of speaking.” Aristotle also travelled to Lesbos several times to learn more about its natural sciences.

Lesbos is home to petrified forest. The island contains a total of 12 million olive trees that cover 40% of the island. The island is also famous for its petrified forest, which was formed by volcanic activity around 20 million years ago. Lesbos has a rich and diverse flora and fauna, and has also been designated a European Geopark.

The Greek Island of Lesbos is situated in the North Aegean Sea. It is the third-largest island in the country and is situated near Turkey. Its capital city is Mytilene, which has a population of more than 84,000. Many residents of the island live in small villages and towns. The largest towns are Plomari, Kalloni, and Gera Villages.

Folegandros is a popular island with Brits

If you’re planning a trip to Greece this summer, don’t leave out the beautiful Aegean Island of Folegandros. Voted as Europe’s second best island, Folegandros has plenty to offer a visitor, including stunning beaches and plenty of traditional Greek architecture. In fact, the island was ranked in the top 20 islands by the European Union in 2016.

This volcanic island in the southern Cyclades rivals Santorini for the most breathtaking sunsets, and its main town is picturesque and full of small hotels. Its cliff-top views make it ideal for watching the sunset. This island is also home to small hotels, picturesque houses, and secluded coves. Folegandros is an easy island to reach from the UK, with direct flights from Heathrow and Gatwick.

While the island is mostly known for its bohemian associations, it has also been the home of many famous writers, artists, and filmmakers. The lack of roads makes it very accessible, and the main town of Hydra is a yachtie’s paradise. You’ll find a lively nightlife and plenty of bars and restaurants. Folegandros is a popular island with Brits in Greece, and it’s not hard to see why.

Symi is a popular island with Scandinavians

Visitors to Symi will enjoy the untouched nature, the clean air, the sounds of cows’ collar bells, and the calming atmosphere of the island. The island also features beautiful neoclassical buildings. In summer, intense colors can tire out visitors. You may also encounter too much noise from tourists, so it is best to visit the island in the morning or early afternoon.

There are many things to do in Symi. There are many taverns, beautiful beaches, and a relaxing nightlife. It is possible to take a boat excursion to inaccessible beaches. Symi is known for its laid-back nightlife, but you’ll still enjoy the quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Most of the locals live off farming and tourism. Some of them collect sponges from North Africa. Symi’s rich history is based on the tale of a princess of Rhodes. Another myth says that the island’s name comes from the goddess Glaucus.

Many Scandinavians love to visit Symi for its natural beauty. The island’s hospitable locals offer delicious dishes prepared with local ingredients. The island’s chefs even offer free samples of their homemade ammoniakena cookies and tzaharena cookies to test their culinary skills. They also have plenty of information on the local cuisine. A typical Symi meal can be found at one of the island’s many restaurants and is a tasty way to get acquainted with the local culture.

Alonissos is a popular island with Brits

With its picturesque scenery and peaceful atmosphere, Alonissos is a favorite among Brits visiting Greece. The port town, Patitiri, is a delightful walk through the village. There are also small bars and tavernas lining the waterfront. If you’re lucky enough, you might spot a Monk Seal on a stroll along the shore! But if you don’t see one, don’t be alarmed! The Monk Seals don’t bite!

The island is so small, it looks almost uninhabited, but if you get a good look at it, you’ll see a cluster of houses perched on the hilltop. When you get to the island, you’ll be met with stunning springtime greenery, and a ferry from the mainland arrives at the Patitiri port. My first visit to the island was a recommendation from a friend. I didn’t know this little-known island was popular with Brits.

Many tourists from Britain choose to visit the island through direct flights. British tourists can fly to the island from the UK via the Corfu International Airport. Several airlines fly to Corfu, including Thomas Cook, Ryanair, easyJet, TUI, and Norwegian. The island’s airports are conveniently located in the north coast, including the popular seaside resort town of Kardamaina.

Mykonos is a popular island with Brits

The Ionian island of Mykonos, sometimes referred to as Zante, is an incredibly beautiful destination that has plenty to offer tourists of all ages. The island’s Venetian citadel and elegant arcaded Liston are among the island’s most popular attractions, but the island has also remained a relatively unspoiled gem that is becoming increasingly popular with Brits.

There’s a cosmopolitan atmosphere in Mykonos, with streets packed from early afternoon to late at night. Shops are filled with luxury goods, from top international brands to Greek designers. Once the sun goes down, however, the island shifts to an upper-crust vibe. Those looking for a less touristy vibe can visit the town’s Little Venice, a row of traditional fisherman’s houses turned into bars and restaurants.

The Greek food scene is sophisticated and innovative. From souvlaki shacks to world-class fine-dining establishments, the island has something for everyone. The capital, Chora, is full of eateries catering to all tastes and budgets, and there are plenty of smaller villages to discover as well. From traditional Greek to the avant-garde, Mykonos has it all.

Paros is a popular island with Scandinavians

The climate in Paros is moderate all year round, but the summer months are the best for swimming. From mid-May to late September, the sea is warm enough to swim. The windiest months are August and September. Getting to Paros from the mainland is easy. Ferries and planes can reach Paros from the port of Piraeus, the second busiest in the world.

Guests should plan their vacation between May and October. The weather is pleasant at this time of year. Many places close during the other months. July and August are the peak season when many Europeans take their holidays and many are closed during this time. However, it is not too crowded and weather is not as hot as it is during the other months. This is the perfect time to experience Greece’s traditional way of life.

The island has several beaches, including Golden Beach, near Drios, which is also known as Chrissi Akti and Piso Livadi. Other popular beaches include Naoussa Bay, Parikia, and Agia Irini. Visitors can try windsurfing on the island, thanks to the constant strong wind. The island is also known for its artisanal cheeses, including Marpissa, a traditional Cyclades village.


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