Learn Why Students Struggle With Mathematics
Learn Why Students Struggle With Mathematics

Mathematics is always a mystery subject for students. Students always find math the most challenging subject to score.

According to surveys, about 37% of students aged 13 to 17 consider math the toughest subject to learn. That’s why many students opt for private tutors.

There can be many reasons why students struggle with math. Some students gradually lose interest in the subject. While others find mathematical equations and theorems tricky.

If your child is going through the same situation. There is nothing to worry about it. In fact, math is subject that offers you a chance to score 100%.

There are many ways to learn math in a fun way and make the subject more interesting. But, before moving to the solutions like MyMathLab Answers. It’s imperative to understand the problems.

If you identify the problems, you can easily solve any issues. Below we have listed the most possible reasons why students struggle with math.

1. Students Suffer From Math Anxiety

Math anxiety simply means students get feelings of stress and tension whenever they face math problems. Here the common notion that math is a difficult subject plays a significant role.

Students feel helpless and panicked when they are asked to solve math assignments. That creates an adverse emotional reaction in students.

That hinders them from getting good grades in the subject.

If you feel your child is going through math anxiety, you need to encourage them towards the subject. Talk with them regularly and try to know their opinion on mathematics.

Tell them they are not alone with the same feelings towards math. Make them believe it’s natural to make mistakes during a student’s life. The words of encouragement can really do wonders.  

2. Students Have Attention Difficulties

Math problems involve multi-step solutions. That means students need to perform various consecutive steps to find out the solution.

That’s naturally required to stay focused on the math problems they are working on. However, many solutions require complex steps.

That makes them lose their focus, making students helpless during the lessons. Students miss several important steps which are required to solve math problems.

That further enhances their difficulties when they try to learn the subject independently. It is important to improve your child’s attention span in such situations.  

Devise a consistent routine for them to practice mathematics. Moreover, encourage them to be mindful while learning the subject. Create a distraction-free study environment for your child for enhanced focus.

3. Lack of Patience and Practice 

Patience and practice are two essential virtues of learning math. The students must have patience and practice daily math assignments.

Math is a combination of numerous complex concepts, equations, theorems, and lessons. Students need to spare quality time to understand math skills and concepts.

However, many students are busy with various extra-curricular activities. That makes it difficult for them to practice the subject.

You can take the help of DeltaMath Answers. The innovative platform that makes students learn math in an engaging way.  

As a parent, motivate your child to practice regularly. That will help them to improve their subject understanding. The more they practice assignments, the more they will come near to mathematics.

Reward them for their every small achievement. This way, they start dealing with the subject patiently.    

The Reward system is considered the most effective way in psychology to facilitate positive student learning practices.

4. Students Find Math Concepts Hard

Math offers many instances where students learn how to solve problems from repetition. However, they don’t understand the logic or meaning behind it.

It’s the best approach when you want to pass the math exams. However, learning from repetition will never make your child pro in mathematics. 

Students need to understand math concepts. No, just learn and memorize them. Students who understand the concepts properly can solve any math problem.

They try to apply their understanding and take a logical approach while solving a math problems. Understanding concepts also help students to apply math in real-life situations.

5. Students Have Not Learned the Basics 

Math is a cumulative subject in nature. That means there is always a connection between present and future lessons. Similarly, connections between the past lessons with the present ones.

That means if students miss the basic math concepts, it will be challenging for them to understand the coming lessons.

The new lessons will become more challenging for them, and it will consume their time and energy to learn them. The way to learn a subject always starts from the basics.

Mathematical concepts and lessons are similar to the building blocks. It is necessary to establish a strong math foundation first and then start learning the following lessons.

Students with a poor foundation will find it challenging to catch up with the lessons taught in the classrooms.

Last Few Words

Mathematics is undoubtedly one of the most tricky subjects for school and college students. If you feel your child is constantly struggling with the math concepts and lessons. You can enroll them in private tuition.

Students will enhance their subject understanding and improve math skills faster with proper tutoring. They will start solving difficult problems and will soon start loving the subject.

In case you are looking for a time and cost-saving alternative, you can subscribe to our online math classes. Our tutors are always there to develop a subject interest in your child.

Always be connected with us for more such interesting and informative blogs. Keep reading till then. All the best!


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