Top 7 Wedding Trends you Should Include in Your Elopement
Top 7 Wedding Trends you Should Include in Your Elopement

More than ever, couples who want to celebrate their love and commitment to each other are choosing to simply eloped. People think that in 2022, there will be close to 24,3 million weddings. Even though some pandemic restrictions are still in place, running away with your love is always in style. Even if you elope to get married in a private and intimate way, you can still incorporate many wedding trends into your big day. The biggest trends of this year are all about moody, dark colors and bright accents. We put together a list of the top 10 wedding trends we love for this year that you can use in your elopement.

  1. Bouquet and Flower preservation 

Since the Middle Ages, it has been common to dry out the wedding bouquet and boutonnieres. But one growing trend, is to keep your bouquet and wedding flowers in new and interesting ways. Instead of putting your dried flowers in a box and putting it away, you can find ways to keep them alive and turn them into creative home decor. This is partly because more things like resin are being used. Couples can keep their wedding flower arrangements for years to come by having them dried and set in resin. This method will not only keep the flowers safe for longer, but it will also let you show them off for many years to come.

  1. Open ceremonies 

Wedding ceremonies that take place outside are always a big hit. Who wouldn’t want to get married in front of a beautiful sunset? Even though the weather is a big part of outdoor ceremonies, more people are planning to get married outside since the pandemic. If you have your wedding outside, you can take advantage of the beauty of where you want to have it. More ceremonies held outside will continue to be a big trend. Check out our list of 120 elopement destinations in the US and around the world for many more ideas!

  1. Destination Elopements 

Destination elopements have been on the rise for decades, and the global pandemic has made this trend even stronger. Couples can now choose to get married at a more intimate and beautiful destination. With destination elopements, you can get married almost any time of year in some parts of the US. So, if you want a beautiful beach wedding in the winter, the best place to have the elopement of your dreams is somewhere like Florida. For you can contact some vendors who offer elopement packages for your day. You also customize them as per your needs. 

  1. Metallic and Golden Tones 

Metallic color palettes that include antique brass, rust-colored, copper, and gold pieces to add drama and a moody feel are in style. From the decorations to the couple’s clothes, many color schemes are likely to include these gold tones, dark metallics, and bright earth tones. These colors will go with almost any wedding color scheme and style of decor, whether you like vintage touches or a more modern look.

  1. Vintage Vibes 

The vintage aesthetic is always popular. From antique ring picks to vintage furnishings, several items that are considered to be timeless classics are currently riding high on the popularity charts. In addition, it is anticipated that the ceremonies that take place in 2022 would have a nostalgic air about them. Your wedding can take on a more nostalgic tone and drive home the point that there is beauty to be found in the flaws of life by using elements of a vintage aesthetic. The uniqueness of a couple’s ceremony can also be enhanced by the participation of family and friends who have vintage items to contribute. Incorporating more traditional elements, such as “something old with something new,” results in an elopement that is more distinctive and unforgettable.

  1. Earthy Floral Arrangements 

This year also saw an increase in the popularity of bouquets that feature earthy and natural-looking floral arrangements. Couples today are opting to use more natural plant options rather than only flowers in their floral arrangements as a response to the trend toward more simple yet vibrantly colored bouquets. The floral motif for this year is expected to be something along the lines of a few peach peonies mixed in with a lot of foliage. A more natural appearance can be achieved by including green leaves or stalks into floral arrangements such as bouquets and boutonnieres.

  1. Sustainable Solutions 

Nowadays, a rising number of couples are concerned about the environment. It should come as no surprise that one of the noticeable trends that will emerge in 2022 is that some couples will place a greater emphasis on choosing more environmentally conscious alternatives for their lovely wedding celebrations. Among these choices is the possibility of obtaining diamonds and other gems for jewelry that were created in a laboratory. The usage of second-hand options and purchasing clothing from companies that are ecologically conscious as a way to cut down on waste and increase product reuse will become increasingly popular.


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