Everyone associates the word “inheritance” with profit: money, jewelry, property. But at the same time as the assets, the heirs receive all the obligations, unfinished business, and problems of the deceased. This is especially true of millions of legacies of wealthy people. A vivid example of this is the infamous businesswoman, the widow of businessman Dmitry Bosov, Katerina Bosov.

At the beginning of her career, she had no idea how successful her business would be and how many problems it would bring. After graduating from the Moscow State Law Academy, Katerina had no difficulty finding a job because already in her student years, she worked in her specialty. By the end of the university, she became a lawyer accompanying complex transactions between large companies. Katerina was engaged in their structuring, and when the company Sigrun, the development holding with a considerable profit, she was invited by the head of the company to the family business OJSC Modny Continent. It is a company that designs and manufactures fashionable women’s and men’s clothing under the brand name INCITY. Katerina worked in retail and took the position of CEO for investor relations.

Also, in her career is a member of the board of directors of General Nutrition Corporation (nutritional supplements and sports nutrition).

In 2016, Katerina Bosov married a businessman, billionaire Dmitry Bosov (this marriage was the third). The couple began to run the business together. Bosov introduced Katerina to the intricacies of running a “coal” business. Still, the young wife began with logistics at Sibanthracite, one of the largest companies producing high-quality metallurgical coal, or anthracite. Katerina seriously worked out the issue, and over time, Sibanthracite refused the services of third-party logistics companies; launched its logistics, Sibanthracite Logistic LLC appeared, which Bosov headed. After some time, she became the commercial director of the entire Sibanthracite.

The Bosov family decided to create a fund in the United States, which attracted investors’ money. But the fund went bankrupt, and the depositors filed lawsuits for the recovery of funds. And after the death of Dmitry Bosov, recognized as suicide, the amounts of claims began to increase. If initially, it was about 120 million dollars, then at the end of the investigation, given new emerging facts, the amount may increase to 1 billion dollars.

 While the causes and circumstances of the businessman’s death are being investigated, as well as litigation on the claims brought, almost all of Bosov’s assets and property have been arrested, and the accounts have been frozen. The foreign mansion given to the birth of his daughter is also under arrest. Katerina Bosov does not have access to the state. However, sometime after the death of her husband, she took over the affairs of his companies and is trying to keep them afloat.

At the same time, the young widow is forced to fight against numerous contenders for Dmitry’s inheritance. His first two wives and sons consider it illegal for Katerina to receive part of the billionaire’s inheritance and file lawsuits. A young widow is forced to defend herself and makes counterclaims. At the same time, the media are actively drawing public attention to the struggle for the inheritance of Dmitry Bosov. Even though most of the lawsuits have been filed in a California court, Katerina cannot be in the United States as her pressure increases. However, the investigation is ongoing and will likely confiscate all of the businessman’s assets to pay off the claims.

Katerina Bosov David Kaplan

This means one thing: either at the stage of investigative measures, the heirs of Dmitry Bosov receive his frozen assets along with financial and judicial problems, and after the completion of the investigation, they are left with nothing.

Before you start the fight, you need to clearly understand what you are fighting for and whether it is worth all the difficulties that arise.


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