Marca MP Breakup is Confirmed!

All Marca MP’s strings are no longer connected, since the strings of the group that were tied in 2018, are not connected anymore. The split-up news from the Mexican music group is currently floating around on the digital board, where the band’s virtual musicians are wrestling with the unsolved issues, but not revealing publicly. Beginning with El Guerro, a successful collaboration with Grupo Firme, the band Marca MP initially sparked with its four members, Pedro Vargas (vocalist), Esteban Salcedo (Tuba player) and 2 guitarists Christian Daniel and Jesus Tizoc.

After the Marca MP group performances, it isn’t secret that the variety the band offers is mostly reflected by Chato’s lyrics, which sings. So, why did Chato quit? It is apparent by the people watching the Marca MP’s beats in his notes of chanting.

Let’s dig up the Marca MP breakup story here!

California-Based Mexican Band Breakup: Who Left Marca MP?

Following the success of the year 2019’s tour of the band terms of music as El Guerro suffered a injured, Chato (Pedro Vargas) is the lead vocalist. was involved in a crash in 2020, as per reports. The story gained attention after Ricky Calderon, one of the Marca MP social media reps expressed virtual gratitude to all the followers for their overwhelming messages via the official Instagram page, according to reports.

In the wake of the announcement, Calderon further addressed in the article the fact that Marca MP members needed to revise their decision on shooting for their forthcoming album, which was originally scheduled for two August, 2020. It is unclear if these scenarios are related. isn’t fully understood as to why Chato has left. In the meantime, the search for Chato’s demise becomes yet another twist within the Marca MP breakup story. This twist confirms the rift between these Californian group members.

A Quest With a Twist: Marca MP Breakup Story

Nothing remains the exact outline of the story of the split-up that was Marca MP. In contrast, the group which jumped on the bandwagon and had its members performing Banda, Mariachi, and Ranchera and has since lost its connection to the instability among its members. The two guitarists Cristian Daniel, and Jesus Tizoc, who were integral to Marca MP’s first popularity, are now a distinct part from the group.

In the august month in 2020 following the announcement of Chato’s death, Juan Carlos Gamboa informs that Jesus Tizoc and Cristian Daniel each have announced their departure from the group.

Carlos Gamboa quotes Tizoc’s Instagram briefings as being secretly about the reasons for his decision to leave. Tizoc discussed the issue of the breakup and said, “… I will not be a member in Marca MP. Marca MP group due to many personal reasons. Part of it was because there were many issues within the group that couldn’t be solved.” Furthermore, Tizoc could be observed as emotional or sentimental when he says goodbye and he continues to say that he I hope that they remain supportive of his efforts. Tizoc’s split with Marca MP seems natural given the facts he discussed.

Apart from Tizoc In addition to Tizoc, there is Cristian Daniel. Daniel has also announced his break-up of the band Marca MP via a post in his Facebook and Twitter profiles and as Carlos confirms. Daniel affirms that he is identical to Tizoc in a certain way at the very least in his statement, “… there were several issues.”

Also the RC Music company further validated the reports that Daniel and Tizoc’s split from Marca MP according to Gamboa’s reports.

So, Who Joined After Marca MP Breakup? The Changing Moments!

People go and come and time is always in the loop. Similar to Marca MP’s split from Daniel as well as Tizoc has brought in new strings within the band. Daniel and Tizoc’s spots have been filled with Diogenes Bojorquez and Julio Torres. They are both guitarists. were part of the Marca MP group when Las Preferidas, Vol.3 (En Vivo) was released as per ALLMUSIC.

Hopefully this article has answered your concern regarding Marca MP’s breakup announcement.


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