Choosing the right program and location is essential if you or someone you know needs drug and alcohol rehab. Many people think they need to seek treatment in their hometown, but this isn’t always the case. It’s helpful to receive treatment at another location if you want to get away from all the problems your addiction has caused.

Here are five advantages of drug and alcohol rehab treatment away from home.

The Advantages Of Traveling To A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Far Away

  1. Leaving Your Old Life Behind

You can leave your old life behind when you go to drug treatment away from home. This can be helpful if the home situation keeps you from getting better. You may feel like people or events in your life make it hard for you to stay sober, so removing yourself from those situations may help.

  1. Easier To Stay Sober

While it’s true that being in an unfamiliar place can be scary, it’s also easier to stay sober. You may feel like you have nothing but time on your hands and no one to distract you from your recovery plan. This makes it easier for you to focus on becoming sober again. 

Staying sober is also easier because you’re not surrounded by drinking people. When you’re at home, people may drink around you or at parties that tempt you to drink again. Leaving the area where these things happen makes it easier for your sobriety to remain intact.

  1. No Backing Out

When you’re away from home, there’s less of a chance that you’ll back out of your plans to stay sober. This is because the further away from familiar places and people, the less likely you’ll come up with excuses to walk away. The lack of an easy way to get back home can be a strong motivator for completing the program.

  1. Confidentiality

For many people, seeking addiction treatment is a very personal matter. The decision to enter local treatment facilities can expose them to scrutiny from others.

Nobody needs to be embarrassed by having people find out about their struggles if they happen to run into someone from home at a treatment facility. You may also know one of the staff members at a local facility, which could compromise your treatment. If this concerns you, choosing an out-of-state drug and alcohol rehab center might be best.

  1. Taking The Time To Relax.

Treatment centers are located worldwide in many different environments and cultures. Some people may find it beneficial to distance themselves from busy surroundings and take a break.

Recovery programs that take place far away from familiar surroundings can provide the perspective needed to see previously unrecognized patterns of addiction.


It is common for recovering addicts to need a completely new setting to make their recovery successful. Some people find that being near the ocean helps them, while others do better if surrounded by forests.

Both environments enable clients to practice complementary therapies and re-establish a connection with nature. Studies show that time spent in natural environments can help people recover from addiction by reducing stress and mitigating the allure of substance use triggers.


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