Airsoft shooters are a great idea for spending your leisure time. They offer lots of positive and unforgettable experiences and, in addition, quite an intense workout. An airsoft game is not only great fun, but also a dose of oh-so-important physical activity. However, in order to join in, one needs to be properly prepared and equipped with a few necessary accessories.

Basic equipment and accessories

Airsoft is a shooting sport which uses very realistic-looking replicas of actual firearms. This is the basic equipment you will need if you want to join the game. Although it is often difficult to distinguish an airsoft gun from a real firearm, the use of the former is completely safe and does not require any permits. Anyone can buy an airsoft gun, and there is a vast variety of models to choose from, which, of course, are based on real weapons. You can choose from shotguns, revolvers, rifles or pistols, but electric assault rifles are the most popular choice for the game, being the most universal airsoft guns that work well in various scenarios and are also quite easy to use, which is why they are also recommended for beginner-level airsoft players. On the battlefield, you can most often see the two most popular models of airsoft guns – replicas of the Soviet Kalashnikov and the American M4 – but of course there are also airsoft versions available of other rifles, from different manufacturers. If you decide to buy an electric model, you will definitely need a good quality battery and charger.

Airsoft guns use 6mm balls (BBs), which can be plastic or biodegradable. Due to the fact that a lot of games are organized outdoors, usually in forested areas, we recommend choosing the latter type of ammunition. Another very important element of airsoft equipment are safety glasses or goggles. The eyes are a very delicate organ that requires protection – even in a safe sport like airsoft. The BBs might be small and light, but they can acquire high speeds, so the use of special glasses is mandatory and included in the rules of every shooter.

What else may be useful to begin your airsoft adventure?

We have listed the basic and most important airsoft equipment, which allows you to immediately take part in a shooter. Theoretically, you don’t need anything more, but in practice you will probably also need a few other accessories. A typical uniform or a tactical set, consisting of T-shirt / sweatshirt / jacket and trousers will allow you to blend in better with the terrain, and is also designed to perform best during various activities. It’s airy and very functional. It is also worth mentioning knee pads and a helmet. Protective pads are very useful during a fight when you sometimes have to kneel down or even crawl around. The helmet, on the other hand, is a very good complement to the military styling. All mandatory and optional airsoft equipment and accessories should be purchased in specialized stores, such as, where you will find the largest selection and the best prices, allowing you to buy all the equipment you need right away and complete matching equipment.


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