Every day more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, or EVs. They offer freedom from reliance on gas and are environmentally friendly. However, some people may get nervous about keeping their new cars charged and ready to go. By understanding how fast electric vehicles charge, you can get rid of the anxiety and hit the road without fear.

Different Types Of Chargers

To get an understanding of charging times for your electric vehicle, you need to know what type of car EV charger you’re dealing with. According to the Department of Transportation, you could either have Level 1 equipment, Level 2 equipment or direct current fast charging equipment.

Level 1 units use 120-volt AC outlets and can take days to fully charge a completely electric battery vehicle. That’s not a very efficient setup for the average driver.

More commonly, Level 2 equipment is used to charge the average EV. These use 240V or 208V electrical equipment to charge batteries more effiicently. These are types of setups you’ll see at most public charging stations. They can charge a completely empty fully battery powered vehicle in as little as four hours, or as long as 10.

Direct Current Fast Charging is the fastest option. It can charge a battery in just over an hour. However, it is not compatible with most plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Setting Up Your Own Charger

At most homes, Level 2 equipment is what you can expect to use. This type of car EV charger is becoming more accessible and affordable, along with the needed accessories such as charging cables.

When you create a charging station at home, take care to make a note of what type of connector your car needs. After all, you won’t get much of a charge if you can’t attach the charger to the vehicle. With the right cables and accessories, it is easy to charge your car while you’re at home so it’s ready for your morning commute.

Quick Charges on the Go

Depending on your driving habits, you may still need to charge your car while you are out and about. It’s a good idea to look up EV charger near me before you head out. This public equipment is generally pretty effiecient and often located near points of interest, such as shopping centers. This means you can park, run a few errands and get the charge that you need to keep your day going.

Thankfully, a short charge can keep you going for many miles. Check the estimate that your car manufacturer provides and compare it to your travel habits to see how often you may need to re-charge your electric vehicle’s battery.

Electric vehicles offer a lot of benefits such as being eco-friendly and protecting you from fluctuating gas prices. You can enjoy these privileges without the worry of running out of power in the middle of the day. Start by getting a fast charger for your home and seeking out charging stations around town. You’ll be on your way in no time.


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