Pursuing certain certifications defines the success and opportunities in your chosen career path. One among them is CCIE. It is known to be one of the beneficial certificates for individuals who want to work in the networking field. But due to the availability of other similar certifications, the questions about it still being relevant are arising. Also, many people get in a dilemma while deciding whether to complete certificates like CCIE routing and switching CCNA security first or directly roll into CCIE security certification. 

If you relate to them, then keep reading to get your answers. 

Let us see why CCIE certification is still relevant

  • Certified professionals get high-end salary

Having a CCIE certification opens doors to high-paying job positions for individuals. And usually, people pursuing this certificate have good payroll as a basic end goal. Also, these certifications are entitled to provide reputed job role opportunities. A CCIE certificate by the side makes your portfolio impressive. 

  • CCIE certified professionals are in demand

Companies’ demand for CCIE engineers has only increased in all these years. But the number of certified professionals is very low compared to available vacancies. It causes a huge demand and supply gap. Thus, it makes it easier for CCIE certificate graduates to land the job position they desire. A fantastic read on the study of the number of CCIE across the world states that there are only 59,373 individuals present with CCIE certificates. While the demand is in lakhs, this tiny percentage of certified professionals will only increase the need for more candidates. 

  • Freshers can leverage big opportunity

The best thing about being certified with CCIE is that it gives great career opportunities to not only professionals but also freshers. The certification enhances the resume quality drastically for individuals. In general, industries already see freshers as quick learners and getting the certificate proves you are eager to thrive in your networking career. 

If you have a minimum experience of 3 to 4 years, then you can receive even more great results. 

Let’s explore certifications advised to be completed before CCIE

Before CCIE, individuals are suggested to complete a minimum of 1 certification, named CCIE routing and switching. It is because the certification covers the fundamentals of networking, including router basics, IP address, VLAN, VTP RIP, and EIGRP.

CCIE routing and switching is an expert-level certification that trains you to manage networks with better solutions. It also makes you familiar with the basics needed for the CCIE Security certification exam.

Having the prior knowledge would help you in understanding security technologies like iOS firewall, VPN technologies etc. Also, you would adapt to the management of Cisco IPS, Cisco ASA and AAA server and more. However, people can also take a direct CCIE security certification course. 

That was a fantastic read on relevancy and suggested certifications before CCIE. Now, let’s see whether taking direct CCIE security certification would be worth it. 

Is taking CCIE security certification directly worth it? 

If you have working experience in the networking field, then you can take the CCIE security certification directly. According to Cisco, a working experience between 3 to 6 years is considered suitable. 

To sit in the CCIE Security certification exam, it is advised to have an understanding of CCIE routing and switching. It is because CCIE routing and switching help you cover the practical portion of the subject, which is a great help in pursuing the course. 

Therefore, it is recommended to take CCIE routing and switching certification prior to CCIE security. But it depends on your choice. 

Also, if you have already passed CCNA certification, then it would be great to start with CCNA security, followed by CCNP security. It will give you a great foundation to start your journey with the course. 

Basically, you are eligible to take CCIE certification with or without other relevant prior certificates. 

The final words

In conclusion, if you have relevant skills and knowledge, pursuing CCIE security directly would be smooth. But without having experience of its fundamentals, the learning journey would surely not be easy. We hope you will make the most suitable choice for yourself with this information. CCIE is high in demand, and choosing this career path would be great for your future professional life. 


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