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Welcome to a very special series on addiction in the previous blog posts we’ve been looking at addiction and addicts and how to deal with the situation how it also affects the family but seeking help especially from a rehabilitation center pan can be quite an intimidating task so we’re going to look at rehabilitation centres and try and understand them a little better in this post.

To start with I am going to tell you what you can expect in general each facility is going to be different but in general, what you can expect unfortunately there are a lot of facilities today that offer so-called treatment but I’m afraid that many of them may not be appropriate or may not actually suit the concept of treatment as we largely understand it but like I said a very simple way of looking at it is to actually go and physically check out a facility to see whether what is it that the rehabilitation center offer and then take it from there. As an example for people with opioid use disorder (OUD), experts generally give you prescriptions on what medications to take. If you are curious, you may research online and find out what is Zubsolv used for to give you an idea what benefit it would give you

Significance of Time Table in Addicts life

Now I am going to tell my followers what to expect in the first few days of treatment because that’s what’s going to be scary the first few days then after that, I’m sure it gets easier the facility has a very clear cut structure in terms of activities that go on and what really that translates into is that there are daily programs scheduled by the rehabilitation center for the curing of addicts and this program may differ depending upon the intensity and kind of addiction.

In the rehabilitation center, there is a set timetable to ensure a disciplined activity which starts off at 6 o’clock sharp in the morning and ends at 10 o’clock in the night and which consist of the various process within that timetable is nothing but an orchestrated way of healthy living where the individual is taught how to know and get a sense of death self-discipline responsibility for self and to practice certain normal day-to-day functions that all normal people indulge in.

Now the sessions can be are not married never either it can be an educational actually intersession or if the need of the hour it can be a therapeutic session where we are looking at behavioral modification therapy or rational emotive therapy or it can be a group therapy process now one of the things that our practice at the facility is we also have a plus step program which is part and parcel of the recovery process.

12 Step Program

Now the 12-step program is something that is associated with the support groups like Philadelphia Anonymous Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and this is very important to understand because this is part of a maintenance program which we will talk about later on. I earlier said that addiction is a lifelong process so what about the aftercare when we talk about addiction we talk about Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous when we talk about codependency then we talk about al-anon support groups and it’s important to understand that these are lifetime processes and their individual continues to go to the rehabilitation center to seek the necessary ongoing health that they might require that’s a lot of information that brings us to the end of this blog post.


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