Many items are now used to decorate homes among them are candles. Candles with fragrances create a tranquil environment in the home. They also have an immense impact on our body as well as our the mind. This is the reason candles that smell of fragrance are popular.

To assist people with the most effective and innovative scent candles, as well as the multi-level approach to marketing “Scentsy Dashboard” was created. The company isn’t just recognized for its unique products, but also for helping individuals to become self-sufficient.

The products offered by Scentsy are different from the ones offered by other companies, and customers even sign up for subscriptions to avail deals when they order often. Let’s learn more details about Scentsy along with its business strategy.

What Is Scentsy Dashboard?

Scentsy Dashboard is a multi-level marketing firm that sells scent-infused products such as bars and candles. The company was established in 2003 and its headquarters is located within the United States.

The unique and imaginative products that are available at Scentsy Dashboard are hard to discover, and they make a great atmosphere and can even create a mood.

Scentsy Dashboard

The greatest benefit is that they are candle warmers that are wickless and can be used to warm the candles instead to burning them. The aroma of the candles and bars is extremely effective and lasts for years. Scentsy Dashboard is known for its products as well as its marketing network. This means that clients purchase their products through its consultants. Therefore, the company offers stunning creations as well as the option of starting an own company.

Where can I purchase Scentsy products?

Scentsy Dashboard is a multi-level selling business, which means that customers can purchase items direct from the consultants. There’s an option that customers can search for consultants by name or state. However, in the event that you’re new to the area and don’t have any connections, Scentsy helps find consultants who are based on their geographical location.

In any event purchasing the product will be done directly through consultants. One of the main reasons Scentsy sells through consultants is to enable consultants to earn money by marketing.

Consultants are allowed to sell their products at parties, trade shows, fairs or any social gathering. This allows clients to purchase products, while helping the consultants earn money from it.

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What is what is a Scentsy workstation?

The name alone explains that it’s the best place for a consultant of any kind to perform their duties. It is a portal that is primarily made for the consultant, and aids them in performing all of their duties by using it.

The workstation Scentsy comes with all the tools needed by the consultant to make an order to calculate discounts, make a shipment and many more. Additionally, it has an access to the educational program that helps be able to comprehend the marketing guidelines in a clear manner.

The Scentsy workstation functions as an office back-office for consultants to monitor their orders and also set up virtual meetings. The workstation’s dashboard aids consultants in checking their sales and even their earnings.

It also functions as a multi-level marketing pyramid which means that the consultant is able to hire new employees on their behalf and manage everything from the workstation. It is the system that consultants use to manage their jobs and can control everything.

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How To Login Scentsy Dashboard?

If you’re one of the people who would like to get an account on Scentsy Dashboard, follow the instructions below:

First, visit the site to log in with your email address and password.

Someone who doesn’t have credentials should register them. So, for registering with Scentsy, visit

Enter your first and the last name and email and password. A confirmation email sends to your email address registered, after which, once verified, users will be able to get the login credentials.

For shopping on Scentsy make use of the login credentials to begin browsing the store.

If you are willing to join as a consultant, visit and enter all the information. Follow the instructions to get registered as a consultant, and then begin your journey as an Scentsy employee.

How to Download the Scentsy application?

Scentsy doesn’t have an application for buying items, however there are two apps that are designed to assist users. The two apps work as follows:

Scentsy Pay

The Scentsy app is accessible directly on the app store. It’s an app that’s only available to iPad or iPhone customers only. It doesn’t allow shop, however it allows users to assess their balances and transfer funds. It handles payments once you’ve completed your shopping on the website. There are times we can not remember the exact amount, which is why the app can help you keep track of it , along with the history of transactions.

Scentsy Events

Scentsy hosts a variety of occasions for consultants to develop new content, trends in social media and much more. Consultants should download the application from the Google Play Store so they can sign up and be a part of all Scentsy-sponsored events. The app allows users to join with a different consultant and to learn something new. It also assists consultants to be included in the gallery of accomplishments.

What are the benefits of Scentsy products?

Numerous businesses have created candles, decorations as well as other products for fragrance However, Scentsy is a different story. The trend of candles that are wickless is new and the use of warmers to warm the wax creates greater impact. Scentsy’s products are all constructed of top-quality materials and are ideal for gifting.

Scentsy offers a wide selection of products , which include warmers made of wax fans, purifiers, fans using pods, laundry and more. Customers with particular fragrance needs will definitely find Scentsy to be the top shopping site. New products are available to suit different occasions, so be sure to shop on and make your life a pleasant one with soothing scents.


What is the best way to purchase Scentsy products?

Scentsy’s products are readily available on their website, where users only need to choose one of their consultants and begin shopping. They also sell their products through trade shows, trade exhibitions and events.

What is Scentsy Club?

Customers who are awed by Scentsy’s products and find it impossible to place a minimum order each time, or to pay for shipment. This is why Scentsy is launching Scentsy club A subscription program that allows customers to purchase products at a good price without any restrictions.

What is it that makes Scentsy products distinctive?

Scentsy strives to provide something fresh to their customers. Therefore, they the candles are wickless and come with the most heavenly scent oil. The stylish warmers serve to heat the wax and look very elegant when used as decoration for your home.


A broad range of items can be found at Scentsy that are unique and original. Therefore, those who enjoy various scents and are willing to explore new things should certainly purchase items from Scentsy. One could even begin their career as a Scentsy consultant and expanding the circle. So, Scentsy is definitely one of the top choices when it comes to purchasing fragrances as well as becoming an independently-owned consultant.

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