When you decide to reserve a car for rental, you need to look for something that makes your ride comfortable. It should create a good impression as you arrive at your destination. Planning to take a city tour in Dubai in your dream sedan car – Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, or Mercedes Benz? Now, it’s time for you to decide whether you want to choose a luxury car rental in Dubai or a sports car rental. Before making an informed decision, you need to understand the difference between supercars and sedan cars.

What is a luxury vehicle?

Luxury cars emphasize more on comfort with sophisticated interior and classy exterior. These vehicles are something only a few can afford as a prestigious symbol. The car rental in Dubai offers a wide range of brand cars like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz which are equipped with the versions of smart technologies, which offer an entirely new driving experience.

Prestige cars available for luxury car rental in Dubai come with high-quality interior materials and some features that are not available on lower-priced models. It includes – sound systems, safety features, transmissions, and powered engines. They usually have high-quality body parts, more insulation on the top, and aluminum or fiber components instead of steel body parts. Certain brands have everything from convenient refrigerators to window curtains and LCD touch screen monitors enhance the driving experience. 

Following are some of the extra features that make a car a luxurious one.

Quality standard

All the cars come with some common features, but anything above that standard is luxurious. For instance, Honda, Kia, and Mazda offered by luxury car rental in Dubai can be described as standard cars, but they have the features of BMW and Porsche. But what makes BMW a luxurious car? It’s the quality and comfort it provides. Car manufacturers invest more time and money to manufacture and enable advanced features such as auto lane keeping, built-in GPS, and high-quality leather seats.

High-end features

Luxury vehicles come with exclusive features powered by smart technologies not found in standard cars.  For example, Audi, the well-known car, offers its famous Quattro technology. This brand-exclusive edition of AWD was developed to deliver a fantastic driving experience like no other. Nowadays, many popular brands are offering “luxurious” models now. But as per the recommendations from dubaisportscarrental.com, people prefer brands associated with comfort, no matter what the make and model is.

Examples of luxury cars

Cars with quality features above the standard are considered luxury cars. These cars do not always have to be expensive like exotic cars. You will probably find brand-new prestige cars on Dubai’s roads. Below we have listed a few examples of cars available for luxury car rental in Dubai along with their prices.

Rolls Royce: By providing high comfort and a sleek look, Rolls Royce takes the top position in the list of luxury car Dubai models. The cost of the new Rolls Royce in the UAE is AED 2,100,000.

BMW X7: Comes with extraordinary features above the standard, BMW makes the drive more comfortable. BMW in UAE will cost around AED 496,000.

Lexus LX: Lexus gives more comfort during long-distance travel with its sleek interior and exterior. The starting price of the new Lexus model in UAE is AED 420,000.

Aston Martin DBS: Known for its lavish design and high performance, Aston Martin comes with adaptive headlights, audio controls on steering wheels, and an anti-lock brake system. The price of the new Aston Martin in the UAE is AED 1,234,440.

These are some of the most common prestige cars available for luxury car rental in Dubai.

What is an exotic car?

Exotic cars are known for their speed and also called supercars, with lightning speed and the ability to move here. If luxury cars are considered to be heaven on earth, then supercars are superior to that.

Exotic cars in Dubai are costly, with flashy exteriors and lavish interiors, and come in limited editions. When it comes to performance, these cars are far better than regular luxury cars They are manufactured using high-quality materials, and they can be customized with custom parts and accessories, bigger engines, aerodynamics, and flashy lights. Driving sports cars in Dubai gives you the feeling like you’re in sci-fi mode. Let us discuss the features of models available for sports car rental:-

Supercars with high-performance

Exotic cars are often called sports cars or supercars, or race cars, because of their speed. With high performance, hypercars are more impressive than sedan cars. Further, these cars have broken many records for their speed and performance.

It comes in a limited edition

Since supercars are costly, these cars are designed to attract a specific consumer market, people who are super-rich and big shots. Further, these cars are rare pieces and come with just a handful of owners worldwide.

Price tag

Exotic cars symbolize high status and give the owner a sense of privilege. So these rare and precious cars come with a higher price tag.

Examples of sporty cars

If you’re in Dubai, you can see sports cars like a roaring lion on the road. They are easily recognizable with their supersonic speed and sound. A few of the best collections of sports car rental in the UAE include:-

Bugatti Chiron: It’s the fastest and most powerful super sports car with a sophisticated design. The price of this new masterpiece in Bugatti history is AED 9,500,000.

Lamborghini Huracan: With the perfect fusion of technology and design, Lamborghini Huracan draws everyone’s attention on the road. The starting price of this supercar in UAE is AED 1,200,000.

Ferrari 488 GTB: Recognized as “The Supercar of the Year” by a popular magazine, the cost of the Ferrari 488 GTB is AED 1,250,000.

These are some of the expensive supercars found on Dubai’s roads and readily available for sports car rental options.

Difference between sedan cars and sports cars

We can experience the real difference between sedan-type cars and sports cars while taking a seat in the car. However, there is some significant difference between these two. We have explained as follows:-

Sedan CarsSports Cars
Designed with various features to provide a sense of comfort and a luxurious drive.Designed with customized parts and superior aerodynamics, these hypercars are designed for maximum performance.
Auto repair easy availableNeed a specialist, even for an oil change.
Sedan cars are designed to attract families who prefer fuel efficiency and passenger capacity.Sports cars are designed to attract younger drivers in search of adrenaline.

Which car is right for you: luxury or exotic?

Above, we have explained sedan cars and supercars. Now, ultimately, you must be wondering– “Which car is right for me – luxury car rental in Dubai or sports car rental? The answer to that question completely relies on your personal preference and the impression you want to create.

Before choosing a car, it’s important for you to understand your style and your taste. Driving a supercar may be a dream for you, but you’re not the one with an adrenalin rush and wish to explore. On the other hand, a Mercedes Benz may not fit you if you’re an adventure seeker. So, choosing the right type of car purely depends on you.


We hope you have understood a lot about sedan cars and hypercars. Many people dream of driving a supercar on the hustle-bustle Dubai roads. If you’re living in Dubai, you can enjoy a ride in these hypercars, as you can choose a car rental in Dubai within your budget.

Are you looking for a car that gives you the utmost comfort to enjoy your vacation trip with your family members? Or do you want to create a first impression on a business trip? Luxury car rental in Dubai has got everything covered with the finest car models.

From luxury cars to supercars, you can find the best car rental in Dubai to add a sense of comfort and excitement to your trip, and this will make your travel a memorable adventure.

So, why are you waiting? Get help from a reliable luxury car rental in Dubai and have a safe drive with more fun!


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