Slot Machines: The Terms We Need to Remember

Online casinos are expanding throughout the world and providing the widest range of gaming categories. While enabling all effective features to play games online, there are numerous live casino websites that aim to offer a variety of upgrade games. Players are getting more and more attracted to playing casino games online. There are various options in the live casino to choose from, whether it is online poker, slot gambling, online lottery, or even soccer or football betting. 

With the variety in the choice to play games, there is one option that is considered most played in a live casino. Slot gambling is popular for its interesting plot and format. Players are often found investing their time as well as deposits in playing on slot machines, from choosing Judi online, to any other slot machine. An enhanced online casino site that is providing versatile features of online slot gambling aims to meet all the requirements of the players. All upgraded sites provide:

  • Variety Of Games
  • Modes Of Payment
  • Bonus and Rewards
  • Versatile Themes
  • Enhanced Features 

It would be convenient to say that every game requires its own set of symbols and terms, the same is the case with slot gambling as well. There are various different terms involved in the format of slot games. Let us game a look at the main terms, being followed below:


The most commonly used term used while playing slot is the reel. The reel is the term used to describe the wheel in the slot machine, that is used to spin after pulling the lever. Although this term could be marked as old because, with the advancing world of online casinos, it has become the term of the past.

RTP or Return to Player:

Another necessary term that is being used throughout the world who’s playing slots is RTP. RTP is defined as the percentage of money that is returned to the player after spinning the slot machine. Different slots have different RTP percentages, some are higher while others are lower. It is necessary for all the players to look at the RTP percentage if they are choosing a specific slot to play.


Among all the terms of slot games, this one is affiliated with risk. It indicates the amount of risk involved in the slot machine. Slot machines with low variances consist of small wins, occurring frequently, on the other hand, the high variance slot machine has a larger range of wins, incurring lesser as compared to the other.


It could be described as an indicator through which a player is rewarded when there are matching symbols. This term is used to place the reward that is being earned by the player. A payline is what every user is choosing the game in the first place. 

Virtual Reels: 

The virtual reels are the reels that are being used by the computer to display the symbols of the slot machine. Through virtual reels, the computer controls the whole display of the slot game. It is where specific symbols in slots are being weighed.  


Being aware of all the factors of games is essential if you are planning to play. With all the awareness of the game, it leads us closer to winning. Knowing all its formats helps us to create an impactful strategy for any game, whether the user is playing just for the sake of entertainment or a real business. Being it slot gambling, poker, or any other category of live casino, knowing all its factors is a necessary trait. From Return to Players, payline, to variance, each term is important to be kept in mind while choosing to play a slot game. 


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