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Meaning UEFA

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UEFA is “ Union of European Football Associations ” which is the public football associations of Europe. UEFA is a international nonsupervisory body of Fédération Internationale de Football Association( FIFA) for Europe section which has 55 public football association members. maturity of its members lies in European mainland but some of the members ’ nations are also from Asia i.e. Israel and Kazakhstan( they are also the members of Asian Football Confederation). UEFA acts as an executive body for these member associations. The headquarters of UEFA is in Nyon, Switzerland.

UEFA is veritably famed each over the world and organizes different football events and futsal events in European nations and the most notorious bone is Euro Cup or UEFA European Championship. Other popular events that UEFA organizes are UEFA titleholders League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and UEFA under 17, under 19 and under 21 events. UEFA organizes transnational competitions in Europe and some regions of Asia.

UEFA stands for what?

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